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Infinergy Pacific sells 120MW Metz Solar Farm

Renewable energy developers Infinergy Pacific have sold Metz Solar Farm, a solar project with an installed capacity of approximately 120 megawatts, to clean energy investors. When built, the project will be one of the largest solar farms in New South Wales, meeting the annual electricity demands for up to 40,000 average homes. That is over half of the 66,000 households in New England.

Metz Solar Farm is situated near Hillgrove, 20 kilometres east of Armidale. The annual greenhouse gas emissions displaced by the project are expected to be equivalent to 225,000 tonnes of CO2. It will also save up to 350,000 mega litres of clean drinking water compared to a coal-fired power station.

The project was developed by Infinergy Pacific, a subsidiary of UK-based renewable energy company Infinergy Ltd, who obtained planning permission for Metz Solar Farm in July 2017.   

Infinergy CEO Esbjorn Wilmar commented: “We are delighted to have achieved the successful development and the subsequent sale of Metz Solar Farm, all within a timeframe of 18 months. This project is part of a wider portfolio of solar farms we are working on in Australia. By the end of this year, we expect to have secured development rights including grid connections for another 300 megawatts of solar, both in New South Wales and Victoria”.

The successful development of Metz Solar Farm builds on Infinergy’s established track record as a renewable energy developer in the UK and The Netherlands. Over the last 10 years the company has been involved in the successful development of over 30 projects, totalling approximately 1000 MW in a combination of onshore wind and solar developments.

Mr Wilmar continued: “We are looking to expand our portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, both in solar and wind developments. The Metz Solar Farm has put us on the map in Australia, and we are keen to take things to the next level.”

Infinergy and Greensolver announce joint venture in the UK

18 April 2017

Organisations combine strenghts to provide technical & commercial management of renewable energy assets in the United Kingdom.

Greensolver, the independent technical expert for wind & solar, and Infinergy have announced a joint venture between their two companies which will operate under the name Greensolver UK.

Greensolver UK will provide technical & commercial management services (TCM) to renewable energy asset owners in the British market. By combining Greensolver's expertise in technical and commercial asset management together with Infinergy's in-depth understanding of and extensive experience in the UK market, the joint venture will provide customers with the highest standard of services for wind and solar farms.

Guy Auger, CEO of Greensolver comments: "When looking for a partner in the United Kingdom, Infinergy was a natural choice. We already operate 6 wind farms they developed, and experienced first-hand how professional they were and how well they understood the UK market dynamics. It was however important for us to keep our technical advisory services offer independent, hence this joint venture only concerns technical and commercial management of operational assets. Technical due diligence construction project management adn advisory services will continue to be performed by the Greensolver Ltd team independently.

"We are very excited for the agreement to take effect and we are looking forward to future project development in the United Kingdom and abroad, as each company can capitalise on each other's geographical presence," Guy Auger adds.

Greensolver, who has 3 offices in Europe (Paris, London and Groningen), is looking - thanks to this joint venture - to strengthen its position on the British market, now covering all the United Kingdom, from the South of England and London up to the North of Scotland.

Infinergy's CEO Esbjorn Wilmar said: "As a developer, it was very important for us to build up our knowledge of the operational side of things in order to develop new projects better. By partnering with Greensolver, not only are we able to capitalise on their expertise in technical and commercial management, but also on their range of innovative services for wind and solar assets (Greensolver Index, GreenBoost, Bladesolver) which meet real needs of the market in the United Kingdom."


Installation of Burton Wold Wind Farm South now underway

Infinergy is delighted that the installation of the three turbines at Burton Wold Wind Farm South near Burton Latimer and Kettering in Northamptonshire is now underway. Another step on the road to a low carbon society! This week saw the installation of T1. We anticipate to have all three wind turbines fully commissioned by the end of March 2017.

Management buy-out at Infinergy opens new doors

Renewable energy company Infinergy has been bought from its Dutch shareholders by its existing long-term management Esbjorn Wilmar CEO and Tjiwolt Wierda CFO.

The new owners have laid out exciting plans to expand the company’s activities, by developing solar projects in Australia in addition to the company’s strong onshore wind portfolio and by branching out into new markets and technologies. 

CEO Esbjorn Wilmar said: “For many years Infinergy has been very successful in developing onshore wind energy projects around the UK. We are now ready to take the next step and widen our horizons. We are very pleased to have achieved this management buy-out as we see it as an important milestone in realising our ambitions.” 

Mr Wilmar continued: “We have started new wind and solar projects in the Netherlands and Australia which are looking very positive. The first planning consent for a wind project in the Netherlands is expected in the coming weeks. Our activities in the UK will continue as well. Where it comes to developing larger-scale projects, our focus is firmly on Scotland, but our ‘behind the meter’ projects can be rolled out throughout the country. In partnership with Greensolver UK we will continue to provide construction and asset management services to projects we have previously divested from. These services will also be provided to third parties.”

Mean Moor turbines in Cumbria have started operational stage

The three Mean Moor wind turbines that are part of Furness Wind Farm in Cumbria have started their operational life. The turbines are Enercon E70 machines, each with an installed capacity of 2.3MW, an overall blade tip height of 99.5m and a hub height of 64m.

Infinergy's Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar said: "It is fantastic to see the successful delivery of another wind energy project, generating green electricity for British homes and businesses. As this is such a windy site, we expect the turbines to do very well over their 25-year life."

Mean Moor is part of a 5-turbine project known as Furness Wind Farm, developed by Infinergy in partnership with co-operative Baywind Energy. Together Infinergy and Baywind repowered Baywind's 5-turbine Harlock Hill Wind Farm on the same site, that after 20 years of steadfast operation had come to the end of its life. Baywind own the remaining two turbines n their newly set up community energy society High Winds.