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Mean Moor turbines in Cumbria have started operational stage

The three Mean Moor wind turbines that are part of Furness Wind Farm in Cumbria have started their operational life. The turbines are Enercon E70 machines, each with an installed capacity of 2.3MW, an overall blade tip height of 99.5m and a hub height of 64m.

Infinergy's Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar said: "It is fantastic to see the successful delivery of another wind energy project, generating green electricity for British homes and businesses. As this is such a windy site, we expect the turbines to do very well over their 25-year life."

Mean Moor is part of a 5-turbine project known as Furness Wind Farm, developed by Infinergy in partnership with co-operative Baywind Energy. Together Infinergy and Baywind repowered Baywind's 5-turbine Harlock Hill Wind Farm on the same site, that after 20 years of steadfast operation had come to the end of its life. Baywind own the remaining two turbines n their newly set up community energy society High Winds.