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Revised plans for Burton Wold South approved

At their planning meeting yesterday evening Kettering Borough Council gave the green light to the revised plans for Burton Wold Wind Farm South, approving the plans in a unanimous vote of 8-0. Infinergy is delighted with this result and will now move forward with securing finance for the project, discharging planning conditions and other preparations for construction.

The revised plans comprise a reduction from the originally consented five wind turbines to three, increasing the tip height from 100m to 136.5m. This increases the expected annual power output by approximately 20%, making most of the available wind resource at the site.

There is a community benefit fund associated with the project of up to £42,750 per year for the life of the project. Infinergy will be liaising with Burton Latimer Town Council and Kettering Borough Council on how this fund can be put to best use for the local community.

Infinergy aims to have the project operational by the end of 2016 / early 2017.

Infinergy secures CfD's for Scottish projects

The Department of Energy and Climate Change announced today that in the first allocation round of Contracts for Difference in the UK, Infinergy secured contracts for both its 177MW Dorenell Wind Farm  and its 39MW Tom nan Clach Wind Farm in Scotland at a level of £82.50.

Infinergy's Managing Director Esjborn Wilmar said: "We are content that we secured CFD's for both our Scottish projects Dorenell and Tom nan Clach. Infinergy can now move forward delivering these projects. We agree with DECC that the auction outcome delivers a good result for the consumer. However both of our projects benefit from high wind speeds adn economies of scale and might therefore not be representative for the onshore wind industry as a whole. We also note that the majority of eligible projects did not secure a CFD. As a consequence a large pool of consented renewable energy projects will be unable to progress, not fulfilling the full potential of renewable energy in the UK".

Mr Wilmar continued: "To keep costs down independent renewable energy companies like us need a stable policy environment to foster confidence, to reduce the cost of investment and to ensure an affordable, clean and secure energy supply".




Infinergy celebrates 10th single turbine consent

Infinergy's proposed Fox House Wind Turbine in Allerdale Borough, Cumbria has been given the green light. This is the company's 10th consent for a single 500kW wind turbine.

The project sits on land belonging to Fox House Farm in Great Broughton near Maryport and measures 77m to the tip of the blade when in a vertical position.

A spokesperson for Infinergy said: "We are delighted with this decision. It marks a true milestone for our company as well as yet another step on the long road towards a low-carbon Britain. This is a result to be justly proud of".

Infinergy aims to have the turbine fully operational by August 2015.

Infinergy sponsors Community Renewables event at Scottish Parliament

Local Energy Scotland, a Scottish consortium dedicated to enabling community and local uptake of renewable energy projects, hosted their Parliamentary Reception "Encouraging Community Renewables” at Holyrood yesterday evening. The event was hosted by MSP Rob Gibson, Convener of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change & Environment Committee and was fully sponsored by Infinergy.

The event was held to celebrate and promote community ownership of renewables in Scotland. Infinergy's Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar was one of the evening's speakers and said:

"The potential of community ownership is enormous, I have seen the concept grow in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. It can bring significant benefits to the Scottish economy and society as a whole. Infinergy is keen to play its part and I am looking forward to working with Local Energy Scotland, the Scottish Government and local communities in delivering this truly exciting opportunity."

This is the second year that Infinergy sponsors an event on community ownership of onshore renewables at Holyrood.

Infinergy takes Great British Beach Clean to Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset

Infinergy took part in the Great British Beach Clean yesterday and headed off to Kimmeridge Bay beach in Purbeck, Dorset as part of their annual eco day. The Dorset Wildlife Trust, who have a marine conservation centre at Kimmeridge, oversaw the proceedings, providing a safety briefing, bags, gloves and pick-up-grabbers.

Over 20 large bags of rubbish were collected by the team who spent the day picking up a variety of plastics and all sorts of household items. The largest find was a huge fishing net which needed seven people to drag off the beach to the conservation centre, who will dispose of it appropriately.

A spokesperson for Infinergy said: “Improving the environment is what we do every day by increasing the amount of renewable energy in the UK, something we are fully committed to. However wind development is a very lengthy process which can take years. Cleaning a beach is very satisfying as you can see the result of your efforts straight away, making a difference to local landscapes, habitats and wildlife.”

The Great British Beach Clean is organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) and is now in its 21st year. MSC encourages its 10,000 volunteers to supply data on what rubbish they picked up which provides the charity with evidence to campaign for cleaner seas and beaches.