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Planning application for Queen's Dock Wind Turbine submitted

On behalf of Associated British Ports (ABP) Swansea, Infinergy has now submitted a planning application for a single, medium scale wind turbine to the City and County of Swansea.

The proposed wind turbine is to be sited on brownfield land owned by ABP in the Port of Swansea, known as Queen’s Dock. The turbine, aptly named Queen’s Dock Wind Turbine, would have a height of 50m to the top of the tower and 77m to the tip of the blade when in a vertical position. It would have a generating capacity of 500 kilowatts (kW) and would be used to power ABP’s on-site operations. Any excess electricity would be fed into the local distribution network.


Burnbrae Farm Wind Turbine installed

This week saw the installation of Burnbrae Farm Wind Turbine in Limekilnburn, South Lanarkshire. The turbine is the first of Infinergy's single 500kW turbine project portfolio, constructed in partnership with renewables investors Sovereign Renewables.

The turbine is an EWT Direct Wind machine with direct drive technology. It will be connected to the local distribution network shortly and first energy export is expected in early March.

A Community Benefit of £2000 of the turbine's annual revenue will flow into South Lanarkshire's Renewable Energy Community Fund, set up to fund local projects and initiatives. Operations are expected to last up to 25 years.

Infinergy and John Laing reach agreement on Wind Assets deal

The partnership between specialist investor and asset manager, John Laing and wind developers Infinergy has progressed to the next stage following the sale of Wind Assets, the Limited Liability Partnership for Infinergy’s Castle Pill and Ferndale Wind Farms, to John Laing.


Infinergy starts construction of Burnbrae Farm Wind Turbine in South Lanarkshire

Infinergy has started preparation works for the construction of its first single 500kW turbine under the Feed in Tariff. The turbine is to be built at Burnbrae Farm near the village of Limekilnburn, South Lanarkshire. On-site works include the construction of a temporary compound, a substation, access tracks, underground cabling, the turbine base and eventually the installation of the wind turbine itself. The turbine, a 500kW EWT Direct Wind machine from The Netherlands is expected to arrive at the site in mid-February. Infinergy is working towards full operation in April 2014. BoP contractor is Raymond Brown.  

Infinergy Scotland moves office

Due to expansion of the team in Scotland, Infinergy has now taken up a larger office to accommodate staff in the centre of Inverness.