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Financial Benefits

You would receive an annual rent for the life of the project (usually 25 years) based on an agreed amount, in exchange for granting Infinergy the rights to operate a turbine on your land.

Castle Pill wind farm, WalesThe level of income one would expect depends on many different aspects. Essentially the amount of power produced and the scale of project investment will determine how much you could earn from a scheme.

For a typical Feed-in Tariff project a landowner could receive anything up to £35,000 to 40,000 per year, of course this is subject to a number of variables, but for leasing a small section of your land, the return is significant.

For a larger scheme where multiple turbines are developed under the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) system, it is more difficult to quantify the return and detailed analysis of the project would be undertaken.

To find out how much you could earn either fill out the details in our Land Assessment Tool or contact us for an informal chat.